Exercise safely throughout the wave

Keeping fit and healthy in an ever changing environment
I have recently returned to work following maternity leave. When we met our first little human some 4 years ago I embarked on my return to fitness like most would - in a gym and with friends on the sports field. This time round I have had to be a little more self disciplined and creative as I try to avoid the dreaded lurgy in social engagements. Even more so at this stage with this mama bear trying to keep her newest addition safe and healthy through the 3rd (and not so final wave)
The importance of keeping healthy and fit has never been so important. Training regularly is the best way to prevent injury and avoid too many visits to your Physio or Chiro, but how do we get this done without spending too much money and in between bath times, family time and work? I am going to share some tips below for you to keep healthy and fit in your home.

1.) Don't neglect your core
2.) Mobility is key
3.) Strong muscles get you through the day

A quick little routine below for you to do before you hop in the shower in the morning or at night. I found this the most acceptable and easiest time to whip through a couple exercises.

Core 3x12 each
1.)Butt lifts and hundreds 
Mobility deep breathe and repeat with flow x 5
2.) Cat and camel 
Forward fold - chest openers - side bends
Strong - 3x12
3.) Squat
 Push up
Stretch - 3x30sec
4.) Quads

Go for walks on the weekend and try fit at least one other walk in during the week - its good for your head and great for gentle cardio. It will make you a nicer person too :).

Disclaimer - if you have any injury or medical conditions or are unsure of the movements please chat to us before embarking on this little program. Listen to your body and never train through misunderstood pain.