Hands off therapy in COVID -19 times

We are living through a part of history none of us are likely to be unaffected by. We will speak of these times as a changing point in our world's and personal lives one day. How we navigate this period is of course up to us. We know that the virus affects those with a weaker immune system more frequently and harshly than those with a healthier consitution. As professionals working in the health industry it would be remiss of us to ignore the necessary changes required of us within our industry. Sports events are being cancelled and goals and aspiring achievements being cancelled in order to stem the tide of the spread of COVID-19. Amidst all this we must find a balance in our physical conditioning and maintenance of our fitness and health levels. We cannot train in large groups any more and have had the looming races, events and tournaments removed from the immediate horizon. This all serves to remove many of our established incentives and accountability relationships with regards to exercise.
I am a well experienced relatively proficient athlete and physiotherapist, but still find it difficult to discipline myself into rigorous home exercise regimes. Advice for those fellow battling athletes is to set weekly goals, use online training partners, immediate family members and whats app groups to help encourage eachother. change the set up of your house to suite your current needs. Change that lounge where you used to entertain guests into your family gym. Set up a daily routine for all to be included in the exercise times you used to dedicate to gym after dropping kids at school. Kids are going to need parents to guide them through this; Make clear and present boundaries and establish routine for exercise, outdoor time, academic time, free time.
At Balance sport and wellness we continue to run small exercise groups in an environment that is disinfected after each client or group makes its way through. No group is bigger than 8 people, and we screen each person coming through for exposure to travel/those having travelled or to sick people. We will be working toward video call consults should you have any injuries requiring professional opinion and advice, but are restricted in terms of your travel. We will post a work out of the day on our instagram and facebook page for you to follow in your homes. Let's work toward helping SA control the spread of this virus while at the same time maintaining a semblence of sanity and personal fitness. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. We continue to keep our doors open and disinfected for as long as possible.
Written by Claudia Lepera - Physiotherapist